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Monday, July 25, 2011

Musings about Googling Yourself

Funny what comes up when you google yourself.

Melissa Katano brings up my scores in Princess Ryan's Star Marines (a really fun board game) at the World Boardgame Championships (WBC) and Merchants of Venus (another fun board game)... I haven't gone to the WBC in eight years, but the Internet is forever, right?  It also brings up my Facebook profile, a comment I made to a local online newspaper, and the fact that I may be the Only Melissa Katano in the US...but really, could the world handle more than one me?

Well, if I google the name I usually go by (Missy) and my maiden name (Gunnels), then the answer is... yes.  There's a Missy Gunnels who's a florist in, of all places, Tallahassee, Fl.  For the few of you unaware, Tallahassee is also home to my alma mater, Florida State University (Go 'Noles!)  There are pages and pages and pages of Missy Gunnels, florist.  Not so many of Missy Gunnels, board game player.

Googling M Katano finds all sorts of interesting things.  Evidently, there is a M Katano who does all sorts of research on cancer cells in Japan (well, Katano is a Japanese surname, after all), a Sam M Katano who is a Family Practice doctor in CA, and a M Katano who is a shibori (Japanese resist dye) artist.  And oh, look, Mazda has a car model named "Katano."  Sadly, it seems to be only for sale in the UK.  I may have to save up my pence and go to the UK, buy one and ship it back over here.

Googling Katano shows that it's a city in Japan (population 77,680), with a sister city in California.  There's also a beach in Japan (Colin took a picture of the sign, above).  There's also a Heavy Metal Band named Katano.  I'm not sure where they're from, because the website is in Spanish and I didn't feel like taking the time to hunt around their site for that info.

Well, I think I'll go aMuse myself.  Maybe I'll keep googling myself. Maybe not.

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