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Friday, July 22, 2011

Musings about the Weather

In case you haven't noticed, it's H-O-T out there.... (cue Buster Poindexter and his song "Hot Hot Hot")
"How you feeling?  hot Hot HOT
How you feeling?  hot Hot HOT
(and now we conjugate "hot")
I'm hot
You're hot
He's hot
She's hot.....

Right now (11:17 am), it's 96º in Baltimore, but the Heat Index says it feels like 114º....

So, is it hot enough to fry an egg?  Not according to but what the heck.  Might give it a try anyway.

My friend Jill called this a "summer snow day," because her kids' activities have been cancelled.  I like that phrase.  It conjures up the same images as a real snow day.  No one wants to go out (at least not for very long).  Instead of hot chocolate and popcorn, we could have slushy drinks and popsicles.  Instead of snowsuits and snowball fights, we could wear swimsuits and have water balloon fights.  Instead of a roaring fire, we can huddle around...A/C units or vents.... hmmm, okay, that last image doesn't do much for me, either.  And we're in danger of losing power, either way....although in summer, it's worse.  In the winter, you can always add another layer of clothing, or grab a blanket.  In the summer, there's only so many layers you can take off!

My friend Lynne, suggested that Dante has added another Circle to Hell.  Since the punishment fits the crime in the Inferno, I wonder who's being punished.  Politicians?  Flagrant energy abusers?  And why do I have to suffer along with them?

Lastly, I know most of us have seen this.  I don't know where the original photo came from, but I found this at

Time for me to go and find something cool to amuse myself.


  1. Love that sign. I'm using it everywhere.

  2. My friend Duey has a really funny picture of an "ice cream truck" melted on the sidewalk. If I could've figured out where that came from, I would've put that one up, too.