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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Musings about Back to School

My boys are not loving me right now.  I keep saying things like "Only 7 more school days until school starts."  I've discussed the need for haircuts (hey, why should I be the only one to get a hair cut?), and school supplies.  I tell my older son he should dig the saxophone out and practice (just a little to remember his fingering).  My husband and I are encouraging the boys to read (for those of you who know my reading habits, how did I end up with children who aren't readers?  And God knows that I would drop everything to read a story to them whenever they asked.  Which goes to prove that the experts don't have all the answers....)

It's Tax Free Week here in Maryland.  Sadly, this only applies to clothing, but I'm not complaining.  Jeans, socks, shirts, jackets, it all adds up and if I can save $6.00 per trip, it's $6.00 more to spend on books for my Nook.

I always have mixed feelings about the End of Summer Vacation.  When I was a kid, I'd be excited because it'd be a chance to really meet kids my age (and in 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades it meant that I'd get to see some of my friends who didn't live close by).  In college, it meant the start of Football Season--and maybe a chance to beat those hated Gators (sadly, in the four years I was at FSU, we never did manage wasn't until the year after I was graduated that the 'Noles beat the Gators *sigh*).  When I got into the "Real World" and worked at GMAC, the only exciting part about summer was the 3 day 4th of July weekend, or getting the 4th off (there are very good benefits to having a 3rd of July birthday).  Then I got married and went back to school and got my Master's in Education and Summer Vacation became something to look forward to again.  And the start of a new school year was fun again.  Getting caught up on what colleagues did over the summer, what personalities would my students bring?  (Every class, every grade is different.  I've had classes that I've loved, but another teacher has had difficulties with--and vice-versa.  It's all in personal chemistry.)

The boys are finally old enough that I can leave them at home for short amounts of time while I do the shopping.  So, I'm spreading it out over several days, but as long as it all gets done by next week, it's all good.  Trust me, I'd much rather do it this way than have to have the boys with me.  I'd rather have a root canal without anesthesia than have two boys who don't want to be shopping with me.

On that note, a little video blast from commercials long past.....

But, of course, the downside of all this means that we have to go back to regular bedtimes and getting up way too early in the morning.  I have to stop reading book after book.  I have to go shopping for new clothes and supplies.  Sitting on the porch and reading for hours on end are coming to a screeching halt.  Making sure homework is done and put in backpacks so it doesn't get forgotten.  Making lunches.  Older boy is going to Middle School for the first time--and I have to make sure I take that step back so that he can grow and figure out how to get things done himself.  He'll be riding the bus for the first time.  I'm not anxious, not really, it's just that dread of the unknown.  How will things change?  Will we like the changes?  I know everything will be just fine and we'll adapt, but it's the beginning of the Independent Child Growing Into Adulthood--he'll never be my "little" boy anymore and I mourn that loss.  I want him to grow up, really, I do.  (And there are days....)

Well, before I put the cart before the horse and have both boys out of college before they've left grade school, I guess I better go find some way to aMuse myself....

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