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Friday, August 19, 2011

Musings on One Month Anniversaries and Stats

I started sharing my thoughts with y'all one month ago today....and I've become obsessed with Stats....(you know the famous quote about statistics, don't you?  Supposedly from British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, "There are three kinds of lies:  lies, damned lies and statistics.")

Not really statistics, but rather the number of people who come by and read and where they're from....

In my one month, I've had about 200 people come by--hopefully, most of those are repeat readers.  I don't expect a huge following--this isn't a blog dedicated to any one or two topics.  It's really what floats in front of my brain as I sit and start to type.   I know the total views says "279" (at least the last time I looked today), but I didn't realize the first few days that I could have blogger not track how many times I looked at my I have it set so that it doesn't track me when I check in on this with either my laptop or my iPod.

What's really interesting to me is that I can see what country people who have stumbled onto my blog are currently in.  Germany has checked in twice (Guten tag!  Wie geht es Ihnen?), Norway once (I think that was my friend Siri while she was traveling, but just in case,  God dag!  Takk for at du leser!), Bosnia and Herzegovina once ( I think it was my friend Kati while she was traveling, but .... Bok!  Kako ste?), and India once (hmm... I can't do Hindi characters, but Google Translate shows "How are you?" written phonetically as "Apa kaise haim--with diacritcals that I can't find on my keyboard....sorry!) and once from Romania (Buna zuia!  Ai o zi mare!)

Most people use either Safari or Internet Explorer to view my blog (34% and 33% respectively), with Firefox coming in a respectable 3rd (18%).  7% use Mobile and 5% use Mobile Safari (I wonder what the difference is?) and less than 1% have used Chrome.  As far as Operating Systems (OS), the vast majority use Windows (53%), while 26% use a Mac.  8% have used an iPad (that's probably Ken--thanks, honey!), 6% have looked at this on an iPhone, 5% with an Android based Smart Phone and less than 1% have used an iPod.

My most popular blog was "Musings about Books (in general) and Reading (8 Views), followed by "Musings about Blogs" (6 Views) and Musings about College...." (also 6 Views).  If I were trying to figure what I should blog about, this doesn't help very much, so I guess I'll just continue to write about what ever comes to mind.

Traffic sources come from either my friend Arlyn's blog or from my links on Facebook, although some site "" has evidently brought in a few people.  I went to their site, but can't see how anybody has found me from there, unless someone posted about how you can make money using Adsense, but since I haven't set up Adsense, I don't see how that can be....just baffles me.

Of course, what this doesn't tell me is if these are 270 different people, the same person 270 times, or any combinations in between.  And where are these people coming from?

I guess the important thing is that I'm having fun.  If you're reading -- thank you.  I hope you continue to enjoy my random thoughts about whatever strikes my mood.  Otherwise, I guess this'll become a sort of on-line journal for me to look back on someday.

Stay aMused, my friends.


  1. Well now I'm going to have to check my stats. I generally tend to go through my blog to get to yours, so I would guess most of those are me. I'm a loyal fan!

  2. yay! I warn you,' so easy to get obsessed....I look at them far too many times a day....