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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Musings on Lessons Learned....

We lost power for about 16 hours--thankfully, the electrical pole stayed upright this time!
The electrical pole stayed upright!

Lessons learned:

1)  Buy batteries when you don't need to have them.  That way you're not fighting everybody else for them.  Same with toilet paper and bottled water.

2)  When there's no power, there's no wifi router.  So even if everything is all charged up, you still can't update Facebook or Blogs.

3)  When there's no power, the FIOS powered land line is out.  Verizon needs to fix this.

4)  Starbucks and McDonald's are your best friends when the power is out, because they offer wifi to their customers.

5)  A smart phone may be a new priority. so I can check the school websites to see if there is school after an event like this.

6)  Eating ice cream for breakfast is acceptable if there's a power outage.

7)  Make sure you know where the battery operated radios and the flashlights are a few days in advance.

8)  Make sure all your laundry is done before you lose power.

9)  Make sure you know where the tea-light candles are.

10)  Make sure you have good neighbors.  You want to have good friends for the "grill-the-freezer" parties.
Fondue is a good power outage dinner.

11)  A battery operated back up sump pump can be an essential.

12)  A deck or two of cards and a handful of dice can keep the doldrums from hitting.

13)  Have car chargers for all your electronics.

The leaving edge of Irene?

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